Tasty no wheat, no gluten, no dairy, low carb, low cholesterol, no sugar EVERYONE FRIENDLY breakfast cereal

It’s amazing how many people are dealing with either full blown allergies or dietary restrictions of some kind these days. My family is huge, and any gathering is inevitably a challenge for whoever is providing the food and drink. At our last visit to the island, there were 6 people in the house (from several different family backgrounds) and at least one person could not have at least one of the following:

  • gluten
  • dairy
  • citrus
  • seafood
  • sugars (diabetic)
  • red meat

So what exactly ARE the options when you’re in this type of situation? I’ve got lots of experience cooking for people with dietary restrictions and coaching people on how to eliminate foods from their diet after a diagnosis of some kind or a decision to make a lifestyle change. I’m going to make an effort to share my favourite recipes, so please feel free to take advantage of them and share them with anyone who you think may enjoy them.

This recipe is a variation on a breakfast cereal from the Wheat Belly Book by William Davis MD
that it seems everyone I’m talking to at the moment has read or is reading. I got the original passed to me from my aunt and after a couple of experimental days have finally tweaked it to the point where the rest of my family will also eat (and enjoy) it.

To make the base, mix equal parts:

  • milled flax (easier for your body to digest than wh0le seeds, and will make the cereal a better texture)
  • nut & seed mixture (hemp hearts, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, flaked/slivered raw almonds – whatever you most enjoy!)
  • flaked coconut (this is dehydrated at low temperatures, so retains more natural goodness & is supposed to be better for you. It should be naturally sweet as well and not contain additional sugars)

I like to mix up a large jar of this at one time and have it ready to use whenever I want. Less fiddly, and easier to store that way. I added ground cinnamon to the mix last time which was tasty – so I added it to the whole batch. The amount will depend on how big your container is and how long your cinnamon has been around. The longer it’s been sitting, the less strong it will taste.

Wet stuff:

  • whatever fruit or berries you want (if you want)
  • coconut milk/water/milk or any combination of the 3 (I use coconut beverage from the milk section as it’s less thick & easier to store/pour)

When you’re hungry, put equal parts cereal mixture and coconut milk together and heat. This is a really dense cereal, so I’ve found that about 1/3 – 1/2 cup of dry and the same amount of coconut milk is a good amount for a meal. I either add  a small sprinkling of whatever type of fruit/berries before I heat it (if frozen), or after I heat it (if fresh).

I generally just use a small saucepan or frying pan on the stove to heat it – it takes less than a minute to warm up. You can also put it in the microwave if you prefer –  low temperature for 30-60 seconds.  It will thicken, and then it’s time to enjoy! You can eat any of the ingredients raw so you don’t have to overcook it. In fact, the less cooking the better as too much heat will start to break down the various ingredients.

The coconut and berries should sweeten it naturally, but if you find you want to make it a little on the sweeter side you can add some vanilla, honey or maple syrup and it’s more like a dessert! Fruit yogurt stirred in is also a tasty way to switch it up.


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  1. Donna Johnson says

    This is exactly what I have been looking for. Thanks! When I get up in the a.m. I want something I can just dump in a bowl and eat. This is perfect.


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