Backing up your WordPress Website to Dropbox

I have a few clients who I’ve created WordPress based sites for, and they have their website hosting with Godaddy. I thought it would be fun to kill two birds with one stone. Make a tutorial for them showing them how to back up their websites, and at the same time provide people with an opportunity to play with something I created on the new software I’ve been using to make interactive e-learning materials. Website not hosted by godaddy? Just use the backup to dropbox section of the tutorial!It’s called Articulate Storyline, and I’m totally loving every minute of using it so far. Yes, I bought a PC to run it. And no, I’m not sorry. (Those of you who have seem my array of mac products may find yourselves gasping here. Just breathe….)

Now, please feel free to play around with the tutorial below. In the coming weeks I’ll be putting up links to some of the more elaborate courses and learning materials I’ve been creating for different organizations. In the meantime, happy website backing up!

To view the tutorial, please use the launch button below.

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    Hello, How are you, fine I hope. I was concerned about backing up my many wordpress sites, and was just about ready to pay for software to do this, because of my concern about SQL server properly being included with the backup.

    Your video was great, the plugin was installed without a hitch, and I started the backup process.

    Restoring is another issue, I hope I never have to address. Any experience with restore, oh, what a great site, neat, informative, and helpful.

    Jim E.Novak

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    Great tutorial Crystal,

    – I created a folder as advised on Drop Box, but WPB2D created its own folder in a new ‘Apps’ folder. What was the need of creating my own folder in Dropbox ?
    – What if I have 2 websites and want to use the same plugin – will it create another folder so that I can differentiate the backups for each website?



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      Hi Michael,

      You probably don’t need to create your own folder in dropbox. I should remove that step from the tutorial. Thanks for pointing it out.

      All of my sites were set up as subdomains on my main hosting account, so in my case it actually created a subfolder for each website inside the plugin folder.

      I would imagine that if you have two sites on separate hosting accounts, it would just set up a second folder (WPB2D2 or something along those lines) and then you’d just need to check the files inside to identify which was which the first time. Feel free to post here what happens with that so others will know what to expect too.

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        Dropbox works quite well with WPB2D2. It creates a subfolder by itself. I may be setting up another website shortly and I guess it should create another subfolder to back up that website …

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