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Interview with author, Diane Bestwick

I met Diane when she came to me for some help in getting her finished manuscript to publication stage. She is a vibrant, energetic lady with a multitude of things on the go at all times. She has  always been interested in other cultures, starting with our own First Nations in Canada and then marrying a New Zealander. Her first son was born in Fiji and her second son in Australia when they lived aboard a sailing yacht. She home-schooled her kids and wanted them to see more than just French culture in Canada. She knew there were many languages, values and cultures in the world, and wanted to experience as many as possible for herself, and as part of educating her sons.

It’s very exciting to share part of Diane’s journey from writer to published author on the eve of her first book’s release!

I’ll let Diane tell you her story in her own words. But please do buy a book. The kindle version is downloadable instantly and the proceeds from book sales are going to support foster homes in China :)

Find our more on Diane’s website:

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Interview with author Emily Madill – Sam’s Magic Mirror

It’s been pretty quiet lately around my blog, but that’s because I’ve been busy helping several different authors along their respective paths to publication! Some first-timers, and some old pros who just can’t get enough of seeing their books in print.

Today’s interview is a chat with veteran author Emily Madill - who writes confidence-boosting books for kids. Her latest release is Sam’s Magic Mirror. Check out the press release here. Looking to buy a copy? Emily’s website has details of where to get your copy.

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Procrastination, the instant gratification monkey and the writer’s conundrum

When I sent my friend a link to this hilarious article about Why Procrastinators Procrastinate from the blog Wait But Why (the monkey pic is from their article – full credit to them), he didn’t really get why I’d sent it, or see how it related to me. My husband however (who showed it to me the in the first place) instantly saw me in this article. I couldn’t stop laughing the whole way through reading it. And at the same time was a bit weirded out by the fact that someone else experiences things so similarly to the way I do. Now Jared yells “monkey” at me every time he gets a bunch of iCal updates at once when he knows I’m on deadline. (or texts it… ain’t technology grand?) Read more »


Mikayla’s Fish

So we don’t have any real pets, but Mikayla made me some HTML fish to enjoy. So I thought you all might like to enjoy them too. If you’d like to feed the fish, just click on the tank and food will go wherever the cursor was.

Happy fish watching!

Nan Buttons_aboutnan

Interview with Author & Storyteller Nan Gregory

I’ve had the pleasure of working with author and storyteller Nan Gregory to build her a website over the past few weeks. I have been impressed in the past both by Nan’s stories, and her speaking abilities as I’ve been to talks she has given about being a writer and storyteller. And I was really curious about Nan’s process for making all the cartoons for her own website, when she usually makes her pictures with words!  I thought you all might like to meet Nan. You can check our her shiny new website at if you want to see what we’re talking about! I especially love the cartoons… Read more »


Kelly McGonigal Ted Talk: Make Stress Your Friend


What change will 2014 bring you?

Welcome to 2014 everyone!

As is our habit, Jared and I booked some time off at the end of the old year and the start of the new one to regroup. A couple times a year, we try to reflect on the changes that have taken place in the past months, and the changes that haven’t. It’s a great time out of the everyday bustle, and a very necessary physical break that we use to give us the distance from our daily routines that we need to “take the temperature of our lives”. Read more »


All About e-Books: The Good, The Bad and The Business – presented at Kamloops Writers Fair

Welcome to everyone who was in my workshop on e-books at the Kamloops Writers Fair! And welcome to anyone who couldn’t make it there, but is still curious about what went on in the workshop.

What was it about? Here’s the official blurb:

e-Book Publishing: The Good, the Bad and the Business
Facilitated by Crystal Stranaghan Read more »